By Pamela Sosnowski

Silvia Lucci is living proof that something very good can come out of something very bad. When a domino effect of crises struck her family five years ago, the Luccis turned to a vegan diet and immediately began to experience healing, both within themselves and with their outer world. Inspired by the positive change, they opened LUHV Vegan Bistro in Hatboro in 2012 to show that a vegan and gluten free diet can be satisfying and transformative.

"Our family was exposed to tremendous stress, from severe health issues to a financial crisis, and everything in between," Lucci said. "My husband Daniel, using his most basic resources which were his extraordinary culinary talent, brought veganism into our life. After tons of reading materials, he believed that bringing what we called healing foods into our diet could allow us to get better at least in some area of our life."

The Argentinian-born couple experienced improved health, overall happiness, and a calling to go into a new business and direction. In addition to their bistro, they sell their vegan and gluten free products frozen through several local grocery stores including Whole Foods, Bunn's Market, MOM's Organics, and others. Late in 2017 they also opened their deli at the Reading Terminal in Philadelphia where commuters can purchase fresh soups, burger "dough", salads, and more. In addition to using fresh and locally grown ingredients, the company is committed to making a difference to the environment by using only biodegradable packaging as well.

"Our goal is to mainstream veganism, and to be true to its principles of health, environment, and ethics," Lucci said. "LUHV Bistro serves in 100% compostable materials from containers, drinking cups, and silverware. The décor is based on reusable materials that have minimal environmental impact."

Some of the bistro's most popular menu items include the black bean, plantain, and roasted poblano pepper burger, the garbanzo, flax seed, and chipotle burger, and the famous energy soup made with roasted garlic and quinoa. The Luccis also offer a "tuna" salad created using chickpeas, which offer a similar taste and texture as the fish, and a super spicy food salad.

The bistro doubles as the company's headquarters, where food is prepared fresh and new recipes are tested. The Luccis' son is also involved in the business, making it truly family owned and operated. Many of their items are also available as catering options with servings that feed up to 12 people.

What Lucci loves most about her career turn is hearing how much customers love her food, and getting to delight those who would never consider trying a vegan meal.

"What separates our food from others is the flavors that surprise vegan and non-vegans," she said. "It's just plain delicious and most people do not care about labels if it tastes good."

The Hatboro location is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 AM to 8 PM. Customers can order take out online via the website. To view the menu and learn more about LUHV Vegan Bistro's food, visit